BREAKING! That is all I see on my football team’s social media account these days. There’s a very good chance your team (unless they’re playing next Sunday, of course) has already had a lot of change and transition with front office, coaching staff and player personnel as well. Many of us will not recognize the names on our team’s jerseys until they hit the field next season. There is constant change and transition in professional sports! I can’t imagine how it must feel for them and their families to always keep their bags packed and be ready to move.

Change is one constant in life that we can always count on – and for some of us that can cause anxiety. BUT, here’s the great news…there are some things – or better yet – there is SOMEONE who NEVER changes! A constant in life that we can ALWAYS count on, a solid rock and foundation that never fails or falters. There are no trade talks, negotiations, free agencies, or doubts about contract extensions. Someone who will never leave or forsake us, who never breaks His promises, who’s faithfulness and love endures forever! Like the great poet, Kanye says, He is someone you can count on “every hour, every minute, every second, each and every millisecond.”

Psalm 89:2: I will declare that your love stands firm forever, that you have established your faithfulness in heaven itself.

This series, Anxious for Nothing, has already been a game changer and part 4 coming up this Sunday is one you will not want to miss. Let’s come together and celebrate as we lay anxious thoughts aside and set our hearts and minds on the faithful, promise-keeping, never-changing God we serve!

See you Sunday!

Josh Conklin
Sanford Campus Pastor

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