We are one church in multiple locations!

Worship Celebrations

10:00 am


Columbia, SC Campus
930 Longtown Road
Columbia, SC 29229


(919) 206-HOPE (4673)

Welcome to newhope Columbia! We are one church with many locations and we are right here on the corner of Longtown and Lee roads in northeast Columbia, SC. You can’t miss it!

Did you know that just within the zip code of this campus alone, there are over 45,000 people? That’s not counting all the other zip codes in the area. There are three simple words that define what we do, who we are, and what you can expect, and you’ll find them right on the side of our building – the words are Reach, Teach and Release… in those three words alone you get a sense that we are a church on a mission. If you are someone looking for hope, searching after God, longing for purpose, looking for a diverse community that worships together… this is the place for you!

Thanks to our wonderful volunteers and hard-working staff, we’ve been able to expand to many different locations in both North and South Carolina, providing a contemporary church service that will leave you feeling hopeful, refreshed, and inspired. We’ve never met a stranger here at newhope and we welcome guests with open hearts and open arms. Come check us out and see what we are all about as an inspiring, dynamic Christian church in Columbia! We’re confident that you will quickly see our engaging worship experience and strong core values come together to make newhope a great place to experience God in all of His glory.

Feel free to reach out to us via email at jesse.ross@newhopechurch.org or find us on Facebook or InstagramWe can’t wait to meet you!

NH Students

Please contact Pastor Jesse Ross at Jesse.Ross@newhopechurch.org for more details!

Meet the Campus Staff


Jesse Ross


Jordan Piontek

Worship Leader

Alexis Roraback

hopetown Children's Ministry

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