Collectiv exists to glorify God, make disciples, and to create a space for Young Adults to connect and live life together.

Reach. Teach. Release.


We would love to meet you! Come join us!

Event List:

August 20th
Night of Worship After Party

Join us for the Night of Worship (7:00 PM @ Durham Campus) and stay after for a cereal bar, games and a chance to connect with other young adults!

September 25th
Fall Gathering, 7:00 PM @ Durham Campus

Worship together and dive into scripture!

October 9th
Prayers of The People, 7:00 PM @ Durham Campus

Gather to worship and pray for our City!

November 6th
Friends Giving, 7:00 PM @ Durham Campus

Connect over great food and enjoy lively conversations!

Community Care

We want to walk alongside you in the midst of the joys and pains that life inevitably brings. We believe that is essential for the life of the Christian! To connect, please email me through this link…

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