Do You Have Ears?

The Sunday after Labor Day is always a big weekend for newhope church and this Sunday is no different. In fact, this entire week is going to be incredible in the life of our church. Starting Sunday morning, Pastor Benji will kick-off the brand new sermon series, God Speaks – Learning to Hear His Voice. Sunday night we have the Fall Kick-Off for students! Monday Night Worship Celebrations at the Durham Campus begin at 6:30 pm! Collectiv Young Adults meet at the Durham Campus Tuesday night at 7:00 pm! Life Groups are cranking up for the fall season! There is more, but you get my point! It all starts Sunday morning at a campus near you!

Have you ever just stopped and looked at someone’s ear? Stare at someone’s ear this weekend (not too long…don’t make it awkward). When you do you’ll probably either think ears are gross or fascinating. I’m somewhere in the middle and Q-tips make a big difference! The whole shape of the ear is fascinating. It is divinely designed to remain open and allow sound in at all times. When that sound finds its way in, it gets to the even more fascinating inner portion of our ears.

Jesus had a thing for ears. Seven times in the gospels He said, “He who has ears, let him hear.” Then seven times in the book of Revelation He said, “He who has ears, let him hear.” It was as though every time Jesus said this, He was saying: I’m speaking life-changing words of divine wisdom, so don’t just HEAR what I say, but take to HEART what I say.

You know what’s unique about your ears? Unlike your eyes they don’t have lids; ears just stay open. Because they are always open, whatever sounds are the closest find their way in. As we get ready to kick-off our series God Speaks this Sunday, I have two questions that I’ve been asking myself and I want to ask you as well. The first question is – what sounds do your ears need to be closer to? Your ears are always open, but despite where your feet take you, your ears determine what they hear. Maybe this weekend you need to do everything possible to take your ears and a friend’s ears to a place where they can hear from Jesus. The second question is – do you have an always open heart to go with those always open ears? This weekend at all of our campuses, through the teaching of the Word and the beautiful sound of musical Worship, we have an opportunity to hear the message of Jesus. If you’re there at a campus, I know your ears are going to hear it; let’s pray our hearts are open to hear it as well.

Trent Shoemake
Durham Campus Pastor


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