Do you want to be free?

This is going to sound a little crazy, but when I was growing up, I used to Google images of people in big fields holding balloons and then letting them go. I know, that’s so random and odd. Why on earth did I do this? What was my fascination with the concept of open fields and balloons flying away into the blue sky? I desperately longed for freedom.

I remember listening to a song in high school about running like wild horses. I would think, “I really wish I could just be free like them.” Now, you should know that my life looked pretty “normal” and even fun, favored, and fortunate! But wouldn’t you agree that what you let people see on the outside isn’t always a true reflection (in fact, sometimes just the opposite) of how you’re doing on the inside? That’s how I grew up and lived for years.

Maybe that’s where you are today. Maybe you’re also longing for freedom but have just accepted that it is what it is. Here’s what I want to challenge you to consider today – the same God who created you is the same God who put that desire for freedom in your heart, mind, and soul.

It’s not that something is wrong with you and that’s why you’re not free. That’s shame speaking. Jesus speaks a different language. The good news of the gospel is that Jesus already made a way for us to live in freedom! I know, you’re thinking, “Then why am I not living like that?” Well, friend, that’s the question I want to leave you asking yourself. I encourage you to really wrestle with it.

What if you didn’t just accept the mistakes of the past, the habits of the present, and the generational junk that seems like it has to go with you into the future? What if God really does have something powerful in store for you?  What if you really could live like those wild horses running freely?

In John 8, Jesus tells us that whom the Son sets free is free indeed. That means you can actually have confidence that you are free. Your identity will change whenever you give Jesus access to truly free you. And let me remind you, He can do what you cannot, and He is a miracle working God. There’s nothing He can’t do. I pray you’re encouraged today because that’s the God who is on your side, and that’s some good news, amen?!

Join us this weekend at one of our campus locations as we continue studying the gospel of John!

Margaux Jurgensen
Director of Young Adults & NH Students – Durham Campus


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