18 Oct Explaining Jesus – from Pastor Benji

I sure hope you are enjoying this unbelievably beautiful fall weather. It doesn’t get any better than this in October!

Sunday is an incredibly important day in the life of our church! We have themed the entire day, Explaining Jesus! Will you please pray that God will use us BIG time this Sunday! It is supposed to rain but for the love of God, don’t you let a little cloud cover and water keep you away from the house of the Lord!

I want to encourage and challenge you to invite someone too. Check out this new invite tool! Simply click on the link below and send this to any of your friends, neighbors, colleagues, family members, etc.

This will be one of those Sundays that can truly make an eternal difference in the lives of people you know. I am praying for you as you Invest an Invite. Please pray for me as I finish up my message today. I’m pumped for Sunday!

Because of Jesus,

Pastor Benji
Founding Senior Pastor

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