This year, we are asking you to partner with newhope church as we are #GiftingHOPE – locally to children in need, globally to families in our partner countries of Kenya, Haiti and Guatemala, and towards initiatives supporting eternal life change decisions all through the movement!

Beginning Sunday, November 18th, visit a campus to choose your #GiftingHOPE boxes that will contain all the details on how you can give the gift of HOPE this Christmas. Our goals are that by December 31st we would provide a tangible Christmas to thousands of local children, partner with 400 international families and raise $300,000 towards the work of spreading the Gospel. Won’t you join us?!

Choose from the different #GiftingHOPE options below:

Eternal Gift

Life change is happening throughout the newhope movement! The funds raised through our eternal box donations will be used to further various ministry initiatives such as Street HOPE operations in 2019, future campus launches, and investing in technology to continue to reach more people online with the good news of Jesus!


Local Gift

We are excited to help local families in our communities have a special Christmas this year! The local box contains the Christmas wishes of a local child who you can shop for and bless this year. Then, see your gift of HOPE in action as we host local #GiftingHOPE Christmas parties on December 15th at each campus to help the parents/guardians pick up and wrap their gifts while the kids have a blast in hopetown.

Christmas Services

Global Gift

We’ve created opportunities for newhope AND families in the 410 Bridge partner villages we support to connect with each other this Christmas by exchanging photos and frames and providing the resources to have a Bible delivered to that family for Christmas!

Christmas Services

If you have any questions or need assistance please click the contact us button below.

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