Beginning December 17, we’ll be supporting stories like Alicia’s and so many more as we participate in Giving Hope at all of our campus locations. It’s the capstone to our Hope Rising initiative, which impacts our local communities through the newhope vision to REACH, TEACH AND RELEASE.

Alicia has been a teacher at Carrington Middle School since 2006 and currently serves as the Fine Arts Department Team Leader and the ASD Coordinator. She loves how her school is like one big family.

For the past month, Alicia has been attending our North Durham Camps, which meets at Carrington each weekend. She’d learned about newhope from our campus team there. so one Sunday morning she decided to put on the #FORDURHAM shirt she’d received as a gift, and come check it out.

“I’ve been running from the Lord for over 25 years, bouncing from church to church. Throughout that time, I kept saying that I went to church just to say I ‘went to church’, but never fully committed to one. I never would have imagined that I would have found my way back to Him at the very place I work at!”

It wasn’t until newhope came to her school that she decided to stop running. Alicia attended a VIP lunch for newcomers, and made a decision to start serving. She says that she’s humbled at what God has done, and that she gets to be a part of. Alicia’s story is a GREAT reminder of why we’re at Carrington Middle School. God uses where we meet to REACH people and change lives.

Lisa lives in Delaware, but through the newhope iCampus, she’s been joining in every Sunday for the last several months. Lisa was introduced newhope by her family.

“I was raised in a crazy Catholic home and was turned off completely by any talk of God or religious beliefs. Pastor Benji, and the other pastors at newhope have helped me rethink religion, and that it is not mundane and torturous.”

Recently, Lisa drove from Delaware to North Caroline to be baptized surrounded by the newhope family. “I knew there was a baptism coming up and in my heart, I wanted it to be done with Pastor Benji. Even though I had only seen him online, he turned my belief in God around.”

It’s through your generosity and gifts toward our Hope Rising project that we were able to TEACH Lisa the message of Jesus. The powerful story of His love transcends geographical locations, and Lisa’s life is forever changed.

Since she was a young girl, Tess has known about God. As a child, she attended a mission school where she encountered other young girls with a passion for following Jesus. But, without someone to continue to nurture her spiritual growth, Tess fell back into old habits. In college, with a newfound freedom, and the unexpected death of her father, she found herself sinking deeper into sin. Drinking, partying, and drug abuse was a way of escaping her current reality and her loss. It was in this season that she was invited by a friend to newhope Thika Town in Kenya.

“I remember walking up to the church with my daughter Tracy, and being welcomed by Pastor Gloria. The worship instantly ministered to me and began softening my heart and reminding me of God’s love, which He proved by sending His son Jesus to pay for my sins and bear my shame by dying on the cross.”

In that moment, Tess heard God tell her that her journey to find a community of people who would encourage her in her spiritual growth was over. Through the REACH component of Hope Rising, newhope was able to launch and support our campus in Kenya—the very home that Tess has been searching for all her life! She is now involved in a LifeGroup, serving in First Contact and hopetown. She loves being a part of a family of believers who she can continue to learn God’s word with, pray with, and worship alongside.

Your giving makes an eternal difference in the lives of so many. We invite you to prayerfully consider how you might partner with us to give HOPE to those in need in of the POWERFUL HOPE OF JESUS!!

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