A Word from our Pastor!

There has never been a more exciting time than right now at newhope church! God has given us an enormous vision for the next chapter of this beautiful movement and we actually get to partner with Him to help change the world through the power of Jesus Christ! God has been so very kind to us! To think the Lord God wants to include us in such a redemptive plan is breathtaking to say the least!
The Best is Yet to Come!

Whether it’s the 9 campus up fit projects within the REACH component or the Central Campus construction and technology enhancements in the TEACH portion, God is up to something BIG!! The missional work of launching newhope Kenya, building a church and school, digging clean water wells for safe drinking, and sponsoring the ARK Orphanage within the RELEASE piece, is more evidence that God is truly up to something BIG!!

Please begin asking God what you can do to help make this vision a reality. I thank God for you and your participation in the newhope movement!

Because of Jesus,



The campuses of newhope have many campus initiatives that will enhance their ministry and impact their vision effectiveness. Take a peek at what’s in store at your campus below:

  • North Raleigh

    • hopetown Improvements
    • Worship Center (lighting, stage pieces, tech)
    • Outreach initiatives
    • Building Fund

  • Columbia

    • Worship Center Upgrades
    • hopetown Upgrades
    • Café Expansion and Furnishings
    • Indoor Mechanical/Outdoor Campus Upgrades
    • Outreach initiatives

  • Garner

    • Worship Center Renovations/Upgrades
    • Lobby Renovations
    • hopetown / Axis Upgrades
    • Parking Lot Expansion/Basketball Court
    • Debt Reduction

  • Sanford

    • Interior Upgrades
    • Parking Lot Repair/Resurface
    • Debt Reduction
    • Building Fund

  • Internet Campus

    • Internet Campus Pastor/Social Media Director
    • Launch a new and improved Internet campus


    • New projector and screen
    • Internet campus pastor might also serve as a pastor to our prison ministries

  • Coffeehouse

    • Upgrades and technology
    • Will receive additional storage room as our office wing on the second floor will wrap around toward the Student Ministry Center!


Globally speaking, everything that happens at the Central Campus strategically positions newhope and all of our campuses no matter where they are located for many years to come.

  • Additional 6,714 square footage to our Worship Center, including a balcony, improving total seating capacity from 600 to 1406.
  • Increasing staff office space from 9 to 26. (An additional 8,324 square feet)
  • Boost parking capacity from 366 parking spaces to 664.
  • Additional 9,777 square feet for safe, secure, and high impact children’s ministry space. New office space for Axis Student ministry staff, additional storage for Axis, and needed technology improvements.
  • A new expansive cry room, and nursing/changing room, with a large window to see and experience Worship!
  • Enhanced sound attenuation by enveloping the Worship Center with offices on the first and second floor, building out the back stage areas with additional sound proofing, and new ceiling in the Worship Center to minimize sound escape.


The campuses come back together like a mighty river to RELEASE missionally and go forth into the world like never before!

  • newhope, Kenya, a Matthew 25 campus launched July 27, 2014
  • The Ark Children’s Home of Thika. This orphanage is home to 31 children who were abandoned on the streets and in the slums of Thika, and our strategic partnership will help provide education, food, and care for these orphans as well as instilling the importance of missions in this new campus in a region that has received the benefit of global missions but often not engaged in missions themselves!
  • Christian School in Thika Town, Africa. A financial investment of $350,000 would allow newhope Kenya to have a building as well as building a public school in partnership with the Kenyan government.
  • Deep-water wells, and water filtration and storage systems to provide clean drinking water. We would like to reach a goal of installing one well each year of the Hope Rising campaign. At $50,000/well, that is a total of $150,000 that would provide a clean water source for entire villages for generations!
  • Kiria, Kenya – newhope will continue to partner with the Kenyan village of Kiria, providing financial assistance and mission teams to work on projects identified by the village leadership as helpful in community development!
  • Bohoc Haiti – Financial support to Bohoc for these three years of Hope Rising to go towards community improvements, water source development, and education for the children in the village.
  • Local Missions: Strategic partnership of local missions.

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Pledge Card

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Your Most Popular Questions

Where will we meet during the renovation to Central Campus?

Throughout most of the expansion, Central Campus will be able to continue to meet in the current Worship Center.

However there will be a 6-8 week period where we will need to meet offsite. We are praying and planning Southpoint Cinemas will be our official meeting place for that time period.

What is the size and target amount of the capital campaign?

$8,000,000 for all campuses!

How can I help? What areas can I volunteer?

We need volunteers in many areas like Prayer, Interior Design, Worship & Production, Audio Visual, Connections, Information Technology, Events, Administration & Invitation, Children?s Ministry, Student Ministry, Landscaping, and Facilities.

Feel free to mark your connect card with a specific area and we will match you up with the appropriate team captain. We would LOVE to have you!

Are there different levels of contribution and pledges?

Check out the table provided on the pledge cards to help clearly define what a three-year commitment might look like. We encourage you to seek God and listen to His voice. When He guides you to a three-year pledge, just say, ? Yes!? and trust the Lord!

Is the capital campaign commitment above the Biblical tithe?

Yes. We are asking everyone to pray, seek God?s face and listen to what He is calling each of us to do above the Biblical tithe following the model outlined in I Chronicles 29. We have to keep paying our bills, staff, and continue in ministry, so please pledge above and beyond the tithe! Thank you!

How much more parking will be added?

Roughly 300 more spaces at Central Campus and 30 at the Garner Campus.

What are the details related to the pledge?

It is a three-year campaign starting Sept. 14, 2014. We will be receiving pledges and a First Fruits Offering (a target of 10% of your total pledge) on Commitment Sunday, Oct. 26, 2014. You will then have three years to fulfill your pledge!

How was the goal amount determined?

After assessing the future needs of the campuses and our missional calling as a movement, we assembled the costs associated with pursuing God’s best for newhope church.

Our campaign partner, Injoy Stewardship Solutions (ISS), used their tools to analyze our church size and financial data to guide the Executive Team in determining the appropriate goal amount.

How much debt will be added and are we paying off current debt?

We plan to add very little debt, if any, if we have a successful campaign. We also hope to completely pay off the debt at our Garner and Sanford campuses!

How will the congregation receive updates after the campaign?

We plan to provide updates every 4-6 weeks over the next three years in order to keep everyone updated on the latest developments on this journey. These are exciting days and God is being so very kind to newhope church! Get ready!

Lean in! Engage the season and seek God like never before. No doubt, hope is rising and the best is yet to come!

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