16 Aug How much does God love us?

There is a window of time in the morning that you want to arrive at the YMCA to drop off your kids. Counselors are standing outside on the sidewalk to greet your kids and walk them indoors. If you arrive before or after that window, then you have to park your car, walk your kids inside, and stand in line to sign them in. This is a terrible waste of time and must be avoided at all cost. 😅

One particular morning, my family was running a little late but still managed to pull up at the YMCA within the desired drop-off time window. I wished my boys a good day and watched them walk indoors, feeling satisfied that I could head off to work on time.

As I was pulling the car out, I was startled by a sudden and loud knocking on the passenger side window. It was my son Elijah. He had this pained and worried look on his face. I rolled down the window and Elijah explained that he had forgotten his YMCA bead necklace at home. He wanted me to drive home and get it for him. He was afraid that he would lose any beads he earned that day (for good behavior) if he wasn’t able to put them on his necklace.

This, of course, was out of the question. I explained to Elijah that I wasn’t going to be able to do that for him and told him to go back inside with the counselor. His worried expression changed to one of sadness and disappointment as he turned around and began to walk back indoors, head hanging low.

As I drove off, I couldn’t get out of my mind how upset he was that he wouldn’t have his bead necklace that day. Almost involuntarily, I found myself driving home, getting his necklace, and heading back to the YMCA to give it to him. It seemed so silly to me and yet it was so important to him. And because it was important to him, and he is my son and I love him, I made the extra effort to get his necklace for him. He was so excited to see me come back with that necklace! The look of joy on his face at that moment has been the highlight of my week.

As I pulled out of the YMCA parking lot, for the second time that morning, it hit me that our heavenly Father loves each of us just as much as I love my son Elijah and his brother, Jacob. There are probably things that are important to us that may seem silly to Him yet because we are His children, and He loves us, He does them for us anyway.

Jesus assures us of this truth in the Bible in Matthew 7:11, “As bad as you are, you know how to give good things to your children. How much more, then, will your Father in heaven give good things to those who ask Him!”

Sometimes we make the mistake of viewing God as an abstract universal force with a list of rules for us to follow. The truth is that He is our heavenly Father who knows us and loves us, and it is His heart’s desire to give us good things. All we need to do is ask and believe.

What are you believing God to do in your life this week?

Join us this Sunday at newhope campus near you as together we worship the One who loves to give good things to those that ask Him!

Mike Stamps
Hillsborough Campus Pastor

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