Jesus, the Great Defender!

Ever had the spotlight on you after doing something embarrassing and you simply wanted to crawl into a hole in the ground? Ever felt publicly shamed for something done privately? It stings, doesn’t it?!

The truth is, many people are living with guilt and the feeling of fingers being pointed at them for their actions. Have you ever been caught in something that you’d never thought you’d find yourself in? If you’ve ever felt like that, then you’re in good company because we all have felt like a target; like “the angry mob” of people out there is ready to throw proverbial “stones” at us.

But, here’s the good news! This week at newhope we are going to dive into the scripture where Jesus defends a woman caught in adultery. She was publicly shamed, and her judgment was to be stoned to death. Jesus calmly steps in and says, “Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.” Just that statement alone changed her fate!

It is amazing how one statement from Jesus can change the fate of someone who is guilty! So, I wonder, what does Jesus have to say about you? Even though we did the crime – Jesus says it’s forgiven! He paid the price already! Let His words be a balm to your guilt. We can have confidence that if we come with a heart of confession and repentance, Jesus is ready to forgive and change our fate!

If you’re carrying guilt, I encourage you to attend any campus this Sunday! Come as we apply the scriptures and learn from the perspective of the shoes of others. It will certainly change the way you see people…and yourself as well through the eyes of Jesus.

Tim Frisby
Worship Pastor


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