About newhope:

newhope church has grown from two full-time staff at it’s start to over 40 in a movement that is sweeping across the Carolinas and beyond. Since the church was founded in 2002, we have grown to a community of faith of thousands of people who regularly attend one of our weekly Worship Celebrations either in person or online.

With campuses in North Carolina (Durham, Garner, Hillsborough, and Sanford) and one in Kenya, as well as a growing Online Campus, newhope church has been named one of the fastest-growing churches in America by Outreach Magazine. newhope is well known for its relevant Biblical teaching, upbeat-contemporary worship, local and global compassion, LifeGroup gatherings, excellent children’s ministry, and high-impact student ministries.

Current job opportunities at newhope:

Film and Video Director

Film and Video Director

Position Summary
The CORE Film & Video Producer will first and foremost be a spiritual leader above reproach. (I Timothy 3) The number one responsibility of an effective and faithful staff member is Godliness, humility, and integrity. Nothing gets in the way of faithful ministry within a church more than a leader compromising any of these responsibilities. As a result, a major part of this job description is to model the highest level of godliness through spiritual disciplines of prayer, Scripture reading, devotional reading, journaling, and/or fasting.

Position Objective:
This position is to work alongside the C.O.R.E. Production and Worship ministry teams and under the direction of the Production Pastor to supervise the creation and use of film and video elements to accomplish the creative vision of newhope church; predominately within the context of Sunday Worship Celebrations, but also for other uses (social media, emails, senior pastor’s projects, special events). This position will also be responsible for investing time and energy into C.O.R.E. World Changers/Volunteers on serving teams within the C.O.R.E. ministry.

Essential Duties:
In particular, the Film & Video Director will report directly to the Production Pastor. The Film & Media Director will work to provide leadership in the area of the CORE Creative Team. More specifically, this involves:

Film & Video

  • Meet every week 1-on-1 with the Production Pastor.
  • Complete tasks assigned by the Production Pastor.
  • Execute production of message bumpers and countdowns utilizing series graphics package.
  • Direct and produce newhope original films.
  • Create click track videos and graphics for song support.
  • Identify and produce one life-change story on average once a month (12 per year).
  • Supervise B-roll capture of auxiliary newhope events and all movement wide events (eg: baptisms, missional outreach, kids’ camps) that show the mission of newhope to Reach, Teach and Release.
  • Oversee the inventory of film and media equipment as well as regular maintenance and repair as needed with the budgetary approval of the direct reports. This includes keeping all video software and hardware updated.
  • Researching and proposing the purchase of new equipment that advances the ministry and the church.
  • Complete time-sensitive tasks related to projects with professionalism and independent time management.
  • Supervise and develop the World Changer/Volunteer Film Team, creating synergy and alignment with all production disciplines. This includes spiritual leadership as we hold an expectation for staff members and World Changers to not only come technically prepared, but spiritually prepared. Modeling the CORE behaviors of community, ownership, reverence and excellence are crucial.
  • Actively participate in weekly creative planning meetings.
  • Collaborate with live production staff on shared equipment check-out and scheduling.
  • Fill in on weekend live production (as needed) for staff vacations or special events.

**Schedule may have to shift to accommodate filming outside of listed work week hours

newhope staff

  • Faithful member of newhope church and complies with the four C’s of membership.
  • Monthly All-Staff meeting.
  • Maintain and care for our work facilities.
  • Attend team training and personal leadership development activities.
  • Any other responsibilities deemed necessary for carrying out the vision/mission of newhope church as part of the newhope staff team.


  • Able to communicate and cast vision/mission of newhope church.
  • Spiritually gifted in video & media creation.
  • Strong capability to migrate vision to actionable tactics and accomplishable goals.
  • Impeccable attention to detail.
  • Build and maintain strong cross organization relationships.
  • Encourage, promote and lead spiritual wellness and growth for all staff and ministry participants.
  • Love working on a team as much as you love working with technical equipment.
  • Passion for excellence in the production quality of a worship experience.
  • Ability to make sound, critical decisions under pressure.
  • A team player with excellent communication skills.
  • Analytical thinking and problem-solving capability.
  • Proficient in troubleshooting equipment.
  • Proficient in project management.
  • Proficient in filming and the use of cinema cameras.
  • Proficient in leading a team, producing, and directing on-set shoots.
  • Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite.
  • Proficient in audio EQing/compression.

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