Welcome to newhope church’s website. I’m thrilled you chose to visit.  In 2002, my wife, Amy Lynn, and I, and our kids started the church and have been enjoying the wild ride ever since. In a very short period of time, God has amazed us as we have seen thousands of people accept Christ, hundreds of people get baptized, and hundreds of other people join this movement!

As you surf this website, you will find relevant resources for your spiritual growth and information that will help you get connected with our church family. Also, if you would like to check out my blog, I invite you to stop by at www.benjikelley.com. I regularly post articles relating to life, leadership, spiritual growth, and other topics you might find interesting.

I invite you to visit any one of our campuses on Sunday. Our adult Worship Celebrations and Children’s Ministries are designed for everyone to enjoy and experience the presence of God! Regardless of where you are in your spiritual journey, we strive to communicate the Bible in a way that’s easy for you to understand and apply to your life. You will also find friendly people eager to serve and help you find your way around our church.

One more thing before you visit – though newhope may seem like a large church, you will discover that we are actually an organic network of small groups meeting in people’s homes at various times throughout the week. We just happen to come together every Sunday morning to celebrate and worship God. You are invited to join any of our LifeGroups.

Regardless of your spiritual background or lack thereof, single, married, or divorced, with or without children – you will love newhope church. If you visit Durham Campus, I hope you will grab me after the Worship Celebration so we can meet face to face.

Peace and love…
Because of Jesus,

Pastor Benji Kelley

Why we exist…

REACH:  People with the love and grace of God in Jesus Christ
TEACH:  Believers the Word of God and how to become Self Feeders and Kingdom Builders
RELEASE: Vision Carriers and other churches to the glory of God

The Dream

We dream of a church that shines brightly as a beacon of faith, hope, and love in the Carolinas and beyond– a church that is made up of real people who actively lead others to a real Savior and meet real needs as they are compelled by a real God to do so.

Who We Are

More than anything, newhope church is what Pastor Benji calls, “A GOD THING!” In sixteen years, newhope has grown to a community of faith well over 6,000 people with multiple campuses across the Carolinas and beyond.

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