We believe life change happens best in small group gatherings we call LifeGroups. LifeGroups meet throughout the week in homes, apartments, coffee shops and restaurants. While each group is unique, there are five general group types: men’s, women’s, single’s, couple’s and everybody. Groups meet during scheduled semesters with short breaks in between. During the Fall and Spring semesters groups meet for 12 weeks and during the Summer for 8 weeks.

How Do I Join a LifeGroup?

Joining a group is easy. We offer several opportunities to get involved with a LifeGroup:

  • Visit the Next Steps Room after a Sunday Worship Celebration: A newhope leader will talk with you about LifeGroup options and send your information to the campus LifeGroup coordinator who will be in touch.
  • LifeGroup Expo: A convenient environment created after Sunday Worship Celebrations where you can explore current group offerings.

Interested in leading a group?

Great! LifeGroup leaders help us realize our vision to teach believers the Bible! While we’re not looking for theologians or scholars, we are looking for people committed to the vision of newhope church through membership. The downloadable application can be returned to the LifeGroups point person at your campus. If you have questions, use the campus-specific email links below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is childcare provided at LifeGroup?

Not all groups offer childcare. The type of care available in groups that provide it varies. Some groups have group members share childcare responsibilities, others share the cost for a sitter, while others make outside arrangements.

How often do groups meet?

We suggest groups meet on 3 week on/1 week off schedule, especially for new groups. We find this provides a good balance for relationship building and schedule flexibility. However, not every group chooses this schedule. Some groups meet weekly and some meet every other week, while others meet on fixed weeks like 1st/3rd or 2nd/4th Tuesdays, as an example.

Groups follow a three-semester schedule each year: Fall, Spring and Summer. The Fall and Spring semesters are 12 weeks each, and the Summer semester is 8 weeks. Between semesters groups take a brief break.

Where do groups meet?

Groups meet in homes, apartments, restaurants and coffee shops throughout the area.

What will my group study?

Groups follow the sermon-based study series written by our staff.

Still have questions? Email us!

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