Why we exist…

To REACH people with the hope of Jesus, TEACH them to follow God’s Word, and RELEASE World Changers! 

How we accomplish the why…


  1. Invest and Invite (PreChristian people to Christ or newhope)
  2. Creative and Relevant Outreach Events (By all ministry areas and LifeGroups)
  3. Excellent Publicity and Mass Marketing

Core Value: We believe lost people matter to God and therefore matter to us… (Matthew 28 & Luke 19:10)


  1. Through Sunday, Adult-Oriented, Worship Celebrations
  2. Through Sunday, Children/Student-Oriented Worship Celebrations (i.e. uptown, midtown, downtown, student ministries)
  3. Through LifeGroups
  4. Through Seasonal/Short-Term Needs, Meeting Events/Studies

Core Value:  We believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God… (Psalms 119:105 & Hebrews 4:12)


  1. newhopers to become all that God created them to be in Christ
  2. Members to serve Christ through ministries of the local church on Sundays and throughout the week as salt and light in the world.
  3. Other local churches to thrive to the glory and honor of God

Core Value: We believe abundant life is experienced when we serve God through His Church – the hope of the world… (Matthew 16:18 & I Corinthians 12)

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