936 weeks

That’s the approximate time that parents have from the moment their child is born until he or she graduates from high school. It goes by fast, and kids change and grow quickly. We know many parents want to make the most of each phase of their child’s life, so we are excited to partner with those who attend newhope’s Phase Events.

These are events designed for those parenting children of any age – from a few days old to a few days until high school graduation. Please join us for an inspiring, guilt-free parenting event that will help you make the most of the time you have. Mark your calendars for a Phase Event near you and plan to attend as well as invite your friends to this free event.


We’re sad to announce the cancellation of our Phase Event next week. Our speaker has had a sudden family emergency and we want to support them during this time.

We are so passionate about the topic of mental health that we will postpone it until the Spring of 2020 to kick off the year strong!

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