Becky Youngs


Becky Youngs – A Story of Hope

Growing up in Northern Wisconsin with a biological mother who was married several times to abusive men, Becky Youngs didn’t have a normal childhood. Unfortunately, while her mother was away at work, family, friends and babysitters would sexually abuse Becky, leaving her confused and broken. After deciding to move in with her father, Becky’s mother disowned her, which caused a sense of rejection to form in her life.

Shortly after graduating from college, Becky married a man she thought was the man of her dreams. Throughout that time, she learned that he was being unfaithful and had lost his attraction to her. Trying to be a strong Christian woman who stuck by her husband, she decided to stick it out and put all her time into her job. On the inside, Becky was hurting and needed an outlet. Feeling numb, angry and hurt, she did the unthinkable. Becky started writing bad checks, using her job’s account to pay for her mortgage, which led to a knock on her door with a warrant for her arrest.

While going through the struggle of losing her job, losing her home, losing her husband and moving to an unfamiliar town, God stepped in and took residence in her heart. She found newhope church in 2010 and started getting involved and serving in various ministries. To her, she had found a home and a place where she felt she belonged. Sunday became her favorite day of the week. Through it all, God showed Becky her purpose!

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