Diane McBroom

Divorce, Faith, Identity, & New Hope

Diane McBroom – Hope Is Rising

In June 2014, Diane McBroom walked into newhope church searching for answers. Her two-year marriage with her husband was ending. Diane was left feeling confused with many questions. So, she left her previous church, where she and her husband were members and made her way to newhope, where she felt she could start over and start the healing process.

With a yearning for support and community, Diane attended Group Link, where she found the Renewed Women’s Group. This group of ladies served as a strong support system for her as she worked on healing and being faithful and obedient to God. “It’s been a blessing to have these women in my life,” says Diane. And it wasn’t long before God threw his first test in her direction: A BIG test of faith.

In August of 2014, two months into her stint as a newhope attender, newhope church kicked off its three-year Hope Rising Faith Raising Campaign. Throughout the next couple of months, Diane struggled with the idea of giving a pledge to a church where she had just started attending. She struggled with the thought of not being able to pay the mortgage or a bill because of the money she pledged to Hope Rising. So, she prayed about it. Her Life Group prayed about their pledges. And God spoke!

“Hope is rising in this church and in your life also,” God said loud and clear. When she heard His voice, she was thinking she would pledge a couple hundred dollars. Right before Commitment Sunday, the Holy Spirit told her specifically to pledge $3,000. Scared and confused, Diane thought it was the enemy so she started to pray. She kept praying and her Life Group prayed as well. Through the prayers, God spoke to her again and told her to pledge $3,000. Diane wasn’t excited about it and was worried about how she was going to come up with the money. She thought, “Lord, I do not have $3,000 to pledge. How am I going to pay the bills?”

When Commitment Sunday arrived and everyone was to pay their first fruits offering, Diane reached into her purse and wrote her check for $300. Scared and shaking, she dropped it into the offering basket. “Lord, I don’t know how I can fulfill this commitment but I’m going to be obedient and pledge the $3,000,” she said.

Diane is an example of how God will provide when we are obedient. A few months later, Diane sold a possession of hers and earned a profit of over $40,000. That is more than 10 times the pledge she made to Hope Rising! Can you believe it?! And her first thought was to pay her Hope Rising pledge in full. Eight months after making her pledge, Diane paid $2,800 and stayed committed to the vision and to the promise that she had made. “By being obedient, God gave it all back to me and then some,” says Diane. “I couldn’t be more blessed.”

While still working through the hurt, Diane reached out to the church for prayer. Pastor Amy Lynn responded to her request and, along with prayer, Pastor Amy Lynn got Diane connected with a Celebrate Recovery Life Group that meets on Saturdays. Being a part of that group has helped her realize the meaning behind all of the trials and struggles. Diane has found hope. She has found peace.

“God has restored my peace and has restored my life,” says Diane. “I am excited about life and what God is going to do in it. When you are excited about life, there’s nothing more. Obedience is better than sacrifice.”

Through all of this, Diane’s faith was tested and she knows now that it was a test of faith. God wanted to see if she was going to be obedient. He has given her a testimony and a way for her to bring glory to Him. Her mess is now her message!

Diane uses her story to minister to other people and be an example of how God delivered her when she thought there was no way out and he can deliver them.

“He put my feet on solid ground and delivered me out of this situation,” says Diane. “God kept me safe!”

She currently serves with First Contact at Central Campus. As a social worker in Hillsborough, she gets the opportunity to give back to those in our community and be a support system to so many. Diane has the opportunity to minister and use her story to make a difference in the lives of others who are going through similar situations.

“Hope is rising in my life!” says Diane. “I’m a new Diane. I know who I am and I know my purpose. I am a child of the Most High!”

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