Jeremy Paltz


Jeremy Paltz – A Story of Hope

As the oldest of five children, growing up in Tulsa, Okla., Jeremy Paltz spent every week of his childhood in the Catholic Church. Even after spending 28 years of his life in church, Jeremy still didn’t feel the connection or that thing that everyone always talked about. So, he strayed away. During that time, he met a woman at work and they married fairly quickly after she and her two children moved in with them. After a year, the marriage fell apart and in his eyes, his life no longer had meaning. He felt a sense of loneliness and wondered if anyone would care if he didn’t wake up the next morning. He would pray but felt that God didn’t care and was too busy for him.

As depression began to take over his life, he ran into an older woman while working on a job at her home. Throughout their conversations, the lady invested in him and invited him to attend her church. One day, Jeremy decided to take her up on the invitation and showed up at the Garner Campus of newhope church. As Pastor Derek greeted him and said, “We are so glad that you are here”, Jeremy was caught off guard. A small phrase like that had made a HUGE impact on his life.  That same day, he prayed the prayer of salvation and received Christ. That day changed the rest of his life!

For six months straight, Jeremy never missed a Sunday. While going through a difficult time with a divorce, he kept his faith and the pieces of his life started to come back together. Once again, his life had meaning! One Sunday, a newhope member took a seat next to him and grabbed his hand. From that day forward, they spent the next six months attending church together! They were baptized together! Three weeks later, Jeremy proposed and shortly after, they were married. He took her children under his wing and raised them like his own. His house was now full with love and dedication. Today, Jeremy and his wife have a child of their own, adding to their family. Jeremy stands as a true believer and wants to reach more people for Jesus because HE reached for him. “He took what was bad and turned it into good, for HIS glory!”

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