14 Feb Pregnant & Waiting…

My wife and I came to our final decision on our baby’s name last night. Sorry, ain’t sharing. 🙂 We were already stoked, but now we’re even more stoked! I keep saying, “I can’t wait to be a dad!” To which some people are telling me, “You already are a dad!” Ok, yes. My son is already here technically, but he’s not “here, here.” We’re still waiting on him to fully arrive. But yes, he is here and I guess technically I’m already a dad. It’s a little odd to think of it that way, but still true!

That is sometimes like the hope of a victory we have in our lives! Sometimes it feels like we are just waiting on a victory! But the truth is we already have it and it’s as good as ours! It just hasn’t been manifested in a way we can see or perceive! We started singing a song recently called “King of Glory” and it’s become one of my favorites already. The first verse is right out of Psalm 42:5…

Why, my soul, are you downcast? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise Him, my Savior and my God.

And the verse we sing in the song is…

Don’t lose heart
Oh my soul, oh my soul
Don’t give up
There is hope, there is always hope

We sing it quickly and we’re done and on to the next bit, but it’s so rich! In this Psalm, the Hebrew word for “hope” that is used is yachal. Now, good thing this is text and not me speaking – I have zero idea of how to say that! But it refers to hoping or waiting on God. It is NOT a futile activity. The psalmist has faith that God WILL act and bring deliverance!

We’ve all had those seasons in our lives where we are waiting on God to fulfill what He told us He would do. But in the waiting, know that it is NOT a futile activity! God WILL deliver. Maybe you’re waiting on God to show you who your future spouse is. Or what your next career move should be. Or, maybe you’re waiting on a baby. Either way, that baby is as good as here. I AM a dad! It hasn’t completely come to pass, but it WILL happen and it’s as good as done! Just as your hope from God. It WILL happen. Waiting and hoping on God is NOT a futile activity. Keep reminding yourself – “don’t lose heart, oh my soul! Don’t give up! There is always hope!”

Now if that hope has anything to do with your current marriage, or your future marriage or maybe a marriage to someone God hasn’t revealed yet, you (and everyone, really) should absolutely make sure you get to a newhope campus this weekend as we start our XO Marriage Series! You may just find the fulfillment to the hope of something He’s promised you! Or the reminder that the waiting is NOT in vain and it is NOT futile! See you Sunday!

Bradford Mitchell
Hillsborough Campus Worship Pastor

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