25 Oct Explaining Jesus – from Pastor Benji

Well, we thought we were going to explain Jesus in a new and fresh way and baptize children of God last weekend, but He had different plans. The rain came as predicted, so we are slated to rock ‘n roll this Sunday at all of our campuses! If there was ever a weekend for you to bring a friend, colleague, family member, or stranger you pick up on the street, this is the Sunday to #BeABringer! Seriously, please extend that invitation. Here is a great new electronic invite tool.

I have been praying that so many people would lay down their lives on Sunday, take up their cross, and follow Jesus! (Matthew 16:24) Truthfully, it is the only thing to do when you stand before the cross, mesmerized and in awe of love so divine!

One day after church, the pastor found little Johnny in the narthex hallway after the worship service standing in front of a huge picture of soldiers from their little country church. Underneath the picture were the words, “In Memory…”  The Pastor asked Johnny how he was doing.  He said, “Okay, but what happened to all these people?” The Pastor went on to explain, “These men lost their lives in the service.” After a long pause, and with lips trembling with fear, Johnny said, “Pastor – was that in the 9:30 or 11:00 am service?” 😊

Please pray for me as I look over my message today. Please know I am praying for you as you prepare your heart and hopefully bring someone with you to newhope this weekend.

One last thing – have you ever truly had a meaningful and powerful Baptism experience? If you are a saved child of God, have you publicly professed your faith through the sacrament of baptism? If not, come join us in the waters of baptism! The Bible doesn’t say, think about it, take your time, and maybe get baptized. No, over and over again, Jesus and the Bible are clear – right after salvation, get baptized! I hope you will seriously consider it and come ready on Sunday!

It promises to be an amazing Sunday!

Because of Jesus,

Pastor Benji
Founding Senior Pastor

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