Remember When a Camel Came to Church?

One of the things I love about newhope is that you never know what might happen on any given weekend! It’s a creative place where we are willing to try new things to engage people with the message of Jesus! Even if that means bringing a camel on stage. So if you missed it, go see the full message HERE.

The message brought us to a next step that encouraged us to be generous with what God has provided us by laying up treasure in heaven through our regular giving. At newhope, digital giving is the simplest, safest and easiest way that we can honor God with our tithes and offerings. You can set up your regular giving by clicking HERE.

I loved that last Sunday ended with 49 people stepping into the waters of baptism across all of our campuses! It was incredible to see the stories of lives being changed by the good news of Jesus! It reminded me of the reason we invite others, bring camels on stage, but most importantly, why we have the opportunity to give! It’s all because of Jesus that we have hope and reason to celebrate!

newhope… If you missed last week, you won’t want to miss this week as you find out what God did via the camel and we dive into our last message in the series Jesus Said What!?! You won’t be disappointed!

George Franco
Executive Pastor


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