Do you believe you were created with a purpose and a plan? We do! Now imagine being a part of a community of people who support and encourage you as you journey towards discovering God’s presence in a fresh and profound way.

Rooted is a discipleship experience designed to deepen your connection with God, the church, and your purpose. Whether you’re brand new to church or a long time Christian, Rooted will stretch your faith and help you discover how your unique story fits into God’s bigger narrative. This isn’t just another program, group or curriculum – Rooted is a catalyst for life-change that will provoke questions, stir conversations and help you dive deep as you encounter God’s design for your life as a fully devoted follower of Jesus.

After completing Rooted, most groups continue on as LifeGroups. This makes Rooted an ideal on-ramp to joining a small group and getting connected with a great community. We strongly encourage you to go through Rooted before joining an open LifeGroup. Rooted is offered multiple times each year.

How Do I Join?

Registration is CLOSED at this time and we are planning for our next semester! For more information please see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below. If you have any other questions, please contact us at

Rooted Campus Times and Locations

Durham Campus

  • Onsite:
      • Monday evenings at 6:30 pm – starting April 26, 2021
      • Tuesday mornings at 10:00 am – starting April 27, 2021
  • Online:
      • Tuesday evenings at 6:30 pm – starting April 27, 2021

Garner Campus

Hillsborough Campus

  • Online:
      • Sunday mornings at 11:30 am – starting April 25, 2021
      • Thursday evenings at 7:00 pm – starting April 29, 2021

Sanford Campus


How do I register?

Registration is CLOSED at this time and we are planning for our next semester! If you have any other questions, please contact us at

What does it cost?

The cost is $30 per person and includes all sessions, your workbook and other materials, as well as a Final Celebration at the end of the 10 weeks. This breaks down to just $3.00 a week (Rooted runs for 10 weeks)!

Is there childcare available?

We will not be offering childcare services at this time.

Where will my Rooted group meet?

ONSITE: Rooted groups typically meet in different rooms around your campus.

ONLINE: Rooted groups will be using Zoom (or other online gathering platform) to meet.

What if I cannot make all ten weeks?

We understand that Rooted is a large time commitment, but we believe it is worth it to invest in the entire process. If you know you are going to miss more than 2 meetings, we ask that you wait until the next Rooted session. This journey is a cumulative experience, and so we ask that every participant commit to honor each other by attending all meetings.

How will my Rooted group be chosen?

Our Rooted team will prayerfully place participants in groups of about 10-14 people. We offer a variety of different Rooted group types – married, single, blended, men, women and young adult. We take age, marital status, location and life stage into consideration so that through prayer we can create groups that will provide a great experience for all who attend.

Our hope is that groups mesh together well and ultimately continue on as a LifeGroup after concluding Rooted. While we do our best to honor requests when possible, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate all friends or leader requests.

What is the difference between Rooted and LifeGroups?

Rooted is the on-ramp to LifeGroups. Many Rooted groups will build a strong community together and will continue on as a LifeGroup after Rooted. We strongly advise that you go through Rooted before joining an open LifeGroup.

Can I facilitate a Rooted group?

Being a Rooted Facilitator is an exciting role as you get to see God transform people’s lives. Rooted facilitators must have graduated from Rooted and agree to our leadership commitment. You can begin the process of becoming a Rooted facilitator by submitting our Rooted Facilitator Application.

Are there scholarships available?

We believe Rooted is such a life changing experience that we want everyone to participate! We understand that the Rooted registration fee may be a burden for some and we are happy to provide scholarships. Please complete our Scholarship Application if you are interested in receiving assistance.

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