What’s Your Season?

As I pulled into the parking lot at the Durham Campus this week, I was grateful to see the leaves on the trees beginning to change. Like most of you, and for obvious reasons, it excites me greatly to know Fall is right around the corner. In addition to that thought, I was reminded of the power of seasons. Seasons are truly a part of God’s intentional design with creation. As you are reading this, you probably don’t have to think long or hard to identify the season life has you in right now. Some of us are in mountaintop seasons, some of us are in valleys. Regardless, the good news is that Sunday is on the way! We get to gather with thousands of people across the movement and do life with folks in similar seasons or ones that are completely different. That fires me up! Because we all have something to learn where we are. Whether it’s savoring God’s faithfulness, or experiencing His hope, or it’s clinging to His comfort in the storm, He is with us in all our seasons.

So, no matter where you may be today, I want to invite you to join us this week as we turn our hearts to God through worship and His Word! In addition, we get to collectively remember the price Jesus paid for us all as we join in Holy Communion across the movement. It’s going to be special and I’m looking forward to all God wants to do! Invite your friends and family to a campus near you and together let’s pursue God in a greater way!


L.A. Strother
Worship Leader – Durham Campus

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