Unlikely Heroes

Have you ever dreamt of being a hero? Have you ever had an heroic idea, a courageous thought, or a passion to see a better world around you? Have you ever felt like there was something more inside of you that you longed to bring to the world? Of course you have. You want to change the world, starting with your neighborhood, your home, your city, and your workplace. And yet, there is this nagging voice inside of you. "There's no way you could make a difference," the voice says. Little by little, you've come to believe it. What if the voice was wrong? What if God has worked through men and women just like you to catalyze change and love since the beginning? What if the heroes in the Bible were even more unlikely than you? Join us as we journey into the amazing lives of the Bible's most Unlikely Heroes.

Series starting date: July 1, 2012

Messages in this Series

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