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Children's Ministry
Student Ministry
  • Abbey Ferguson
    hopetown Children's Ministry

  • Adrienne Barnhart
    Local Compassion Coordinator

  • Alexis Roraback
    hopetown Director, Garner Campus

  • Anasthesia Norris
    NH Student Ministries

  • Ashley Pece
    Global Director of hopetown Children's Ministry
  • Ashton Taylor
    Executive Assistant to Dr. Benji Kelley

  • Austin Spence
    Director of Live Production

  • Benji Kelley
    Founding & Senior Pastor

  • Bobby Craig
    Technical and Audio Director

  • Bonnie Berry
    Accounting Specialist AR

  • Bradford Mitchell
    Worship Pastor & Online Content Creator

  • Caleb Taylor
    Global Worship Pastor

  • Cam Pape
    Global NH Student Pastor

  • Carmen Davis
    Director of Cleaning Services

  • Clarissa Jenkins
    Worship Leader & Administration

  • Crystal Stubits
    hopetown Director, Sanford Campus

  • Dave Bookhout
    Production Pastor

  • David Pruitt
    Director of Marketing

  • Derek Mull
    Pastor of Campus Development & Growth

  • Drew Barker
    Garner Campus Pastor

  • Erick Pece
    Director of IT

  • Fran Helpingstine
    Executive Pastor of Operations & Finance

  • Harrison Strickland
    Media Design Director

  • Jaden Steffy
    hopetown Director, Durham Campus

  • Jannette Cruz
    Administrative Assistant

  • Jill Weber
    Administrative Assistant

  • Johnell Bright
    Director of Family Ministry Production

  • Jordan Whilden
    Global Connections Pastor

  • Josh Conklin
    Sanford Campus Pastor & Director of Online Ministries
  • Justan Jenkins
    Worship Pastor, Garner Campus

  • Keegan Norris
    Director of Facilities

  • Keith Barreto
    Hillsborough Campus Pastor

  • Marcelo Ferreira
    Worship Pastor, Hillsborough Campus & Online
  • Mike Stamps
    Associate Connections Pastor

  • Pam Watson
    Director of Local Compassion

  • Patrick Weber
    Director of Finance

  • Reece Whitehead
    Executive Pastor of Ministry

  • Rob Dannenberg
    Director of Administration & IT Administration
  • Sara Salmen
    Director of Communications

  • Stephanie Batten
    Accounting Specialist AP

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