What Does Your Welcome Mat Say?

When I have visited other’s homes, one of the first things I often see is the doormat by the entrance. Over the years, I’ve seen some unique ones and always find it interesting what people choose to put out front.

Here’s some funny ones I’ve seen and liked….

Seriously though, I think we would agree that a doormat makes a statement about what you are getting ready to walk into! There’s something to be said about first impressions… and churches are no exception. All churches have a “welcome mat”, whether it’s physically by the front door, or simply in the way that it greets and treats those who visit.

In Matthew 11:28, Jesus said, “Come to me…” and He didn’t put qualifiers on it. This was an invitation to all! As we learned last week, God is a seeker and He invites us into a relationship with Him without exception. So, if our front doors are to be a place where all feel welcome, what could the mats say?


How can we live – in our actions and our words – as people who follow Jesus’ model to welcome EVERYONE? Are we doing all we can to invite people – both to our church and into our homes – so they can hear about the grace and truth that Jesus offers?

Come join us this weekend as Pastor Benji unpacks Chapter 5 of Wrecked & Redeemed and talks more about this important topic. And be a bringer! This might just be the message someone needs to hear.

Jordan Whilden
Global Connections Pastor


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