You Have One Hour…

We were in an escape room. A room filled with seemingly ordinary items, but a room flush with secret compartments, cryptic messages, and pieces of clues scattered throughout. All things meant to get you to the final goal… getting out of the room. As our team of five people stood looking at each other, we knew we had to work together. As our time started, we quickly broke out over the space looking for items that would help us on our mission. We were shouting at each other, describing our finds, looking for patterns, trying desperately to piece together elements into bigger pictures that would help us.

The minutes ticked on and finally… 56 of them later, we shouted euphorically as the final number of a four-digit code was discovered that allowed us to open a combination lock and open the door. We had done it! It was a great sense of accomplishment!! We whooped and hollered and admittedly poked fun at the other teams that hadn’t been so fortunate!

As I reflected on being in the escape room later that night, I was struck by two things:

1. In the room there were lots of important items for us to find and focus on to get us out, but equally there had been lots of distracting items placed for the trickery of leading us down the wrong path and wasting time.

2. In order to leave the room, all of us on the team had to be laser-focused on the mission – escape! And this meant discovering our strengths, working together, and making decisions to pursue or discard items based on their value to the mission.

Life can sometimes feel like this, can’t it?! Especially as believers, we know that God’s mission for us is to make the name of Jesus great and bring others into a relationship with Him, yet we are often distracted by other items in our spaces. These distractions can seem innocent enough… even potentially helpful, but if we get to the core, they are not useful. Just as our team had to be focused and work together, the body of Christ and His church must do the same!

Join us this weekend as Pastor Benji teaches from Chapter 3 of Wrecked & Redeemed – The Main Thing! It’s going to be an amazing message that helps to refocus our hearts and minds and leaves us encouraged and empowered to love our communities. I can’t wait to see you!

George Franco
Executive Pastor


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