If you want to grow in your relationship with Jesus, you need to surround yourself with other people who have that same goal. Since life change happens in community, we believe that joining a LifeGroup is an incredibly important step for you to take.

LifeGroups exist to provide a place where you can make friends, grow in your faith and impact your community.

Each group is made up of about 10-15 people that meet throughout the week in homes, apartments, coffeeshops, or restaurants around each of our campuses. While every LifeGroup is unique, we offer groups for adults in various stages of life: Singles, Marrieds, Blended (Married + Single), Men’s, Women’s and Young Adults.

So – are you ready to get connected?! We invite you to use the tool below to find a group that works for you!

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Are you interested in launching a new group? Awesome! LifeGroups are an important part of our church. LifeGroup leaders are on the frontlines of ministry as they shepherd their group, facilitate spiritual growth and mobilize members towards a lifestyle of service.

If you would like to become a LifeGroup leader at newhope, please click the button below to learn more about how to launch and lead a LifeGroup!


What are newhope LifeGroups all about?

LifeGroups at newhope are all about encouraging fellowship, facilitating spiritual growth, and making an impact in the community.

Is childcare provided at LifeGroups?

We leave it up to each group to determine how best to handle childcare. Groups have a variety of approaches such as having members share childcare responsibilities, splitting the cost of a sitter or encouraging parents to make their own arrangements.

If you are interested in a group but want to learn more about how they handle childcare, you can email the group leader directly and ask any questions you may have.

What happens in a LifeGroup?

Each group has a slightly different pattern. However, all our groups do three things – they take time to catch up on life together, explore and apply God’s truth and pray for one another. Many groups share refreshments or an occasional meal. Groups serve together at least once each semester.

What will my LifeGroup study?

Most groups discuss a sermon-based study series written by our LifeGroups team. However, other groups work through approved books or topics that focus on a certain theme or specific book of the Bible.

Do I need to bring anything?

A pen, journal and Bible should be all you need! If your group is working through a specific book, your group leader may encourage you to order a copy so you can read along with the group.

How often do LifeGroups meet? How long is each gathering?

All of our groups meet at least twice a month and most meet weekly. Each group runs differently, but most LifeGroups meet for about 1.5-2hours.

How long does a LifeGroup semester run?

LifeGroups follow a seasonal schedule with each session lasting between 9-11 weeks. Most groups stay together through Spring, Winter and Fall semesters and then take a break for the Summer.

Am I expected to stay in the same group forever?

Since building community takes time, we strongly encourage people to commit to faithfully attending their group for one full semester (typically 10-12 weeks). We’ve found that people get out of a group what they put into it.

So, even if it takes a couple weeks to feel fully at home, many times if you faithfully attend God will bless the commitment you’ve shown. At the end of the semester, you have the option to stay in the same group or explore another group. We do realize that not every group is going to be a perfect fit, and that’s OK.

Do you still have some questions? Email us at lifegroups@newhopechurch.org and we’ll be glad to answer anything you’d like to know about LifeGroups!

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